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Perennial Crop Investment Tool

Icon - Book  This tool will help you to develop a planning horizon that maximizes your average profitability per year. This tool builds upon the impact of climate on average yield as you estimate the profitability of your orchards during the 5 stages of Production, Growth, Price, Quality and Cash Flow. By including cost information, interest rates and tart cherry prices, this tool enables you to calculate long-term average profitability.  You may choose to rely on the default values or customize the information to represent your individual orchard costs.

STEP-1: Projected Yield at Peak Production

Icon - Book  Your primary objective in this section is to calculate the predicted yield per acre, for each year, over the projected life time of a block of trees.

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Trees/acre: trees/acre
Expected yield at peak production: lbs/tree
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(Due to the Federal Marketing order, enter the percent of production that is not harvested)
Unit Value
Expected percent of production marketed (averaged across years) %

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